Hotel Antica Marina

Private Beach

Antica Marina is just 180 mt from the seaside that is easily reached by foot. The beach is part of the Gods’ Coast, a stretch of Coast that goes from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera with amazing beaches and a clear sea;around here its easy to find ice cream parlours, pizzerias, spaces for aperitifs and areas for sport activities that make the town a gathering place where people can relax even with their families.

The strategic position of Nicotera Marina makes possible to enjoy the vacation looking at wonderful panoramas of the Violet Coast(Tyrrhenian part of Calabria), the Aeolians Islands and part of Sicily.

In 2015 our beach has been recognized as a kid-friendly beach and pediatricians gave us a green flag. This flag is based on the environmental suitability for families and children because nowadays people don’t go to the beach due to take care of their sickness but only to have fun with their family staying outdoors.The entire area is particularly suitable for sports in fact during the vacation our guests can have access to sailboats, canoes, windsurfing, pedalos, and for the diving lovers there is even a rocky area(pay service) and a cafès that are sensitive to the range of needs of families .

The organization of our beach is really important and we have to be sure of our guest safety, that’s the reason why people are surrounded by a lot of lifeguards that are always available for all the problems.